Wednesday, May 21, 2008

B's Happy!


Yeha~ No more braces! ;)

Justin & His 1st Deer 2007

Pretty Great for a 13 year old. ;) WAY TO GO JUSTIN!!
Who do you think is happier? Dad or Justin! ;)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

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2nd View of Birth-Home of Frank Kratochvil b. 1844

Side View of Ondrejov Home #49 and the houses in the square.

The Kratochvil family lives in one of them now.
Not sure which one though. Researcher DID impart this information to me.Will add more data as time goes on.

Birth-Home of Frank Kratochvil, Ondrejov, Bohemia 1844

Homes in Ondejov, Bohemia are given house numbers when built. 1-2-3 does not mean they are next door to one another they may be on opposite ends of town.

This home is where Frank Kratochvil was born on 24 July 1844 to parents: Frank Kratochvil and Anna nee Simek. They supposedly moved to this home in 1842. The house is on the square across from the church and was remodeled to a shop. Photograph taken 2007

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ben Wolfgram, Garfield Road, Traverse City

Benhart Benjamin Wolfgram, father of Brenda and Ben. The yard he is in is the home of 'Sis' Hubbell sister to my step-aunt. For those familiar with Traverse City this photo is taken on Garfield Road next door to where Bonanza was and just across the street from where Oleson's was for many years (now Sav-A-Lot Apr 2008).

Believe it or not! if you look behind my father beyond where the stones are for flowers is Garfield Road. Only one other home was nearby - across the street and to the left of the photograph. My father loved his hats and wore them well, I think. ;)